15,000 Illegal Votes – 130,000 Votes In Question – Nevada Lawsuit Seeks To Uncover widespread Fraud

A lawsuit in Nevada has been filed (.pdf) claiming over 15,000 voters in Nevada had also voted in other states stating, “Upon information, there are significant numbers of mail-in ballots received in Nevada from voters who were also known to have voted in other states. The evidence will show that there were no less than 15,000 of these illegal and improper votes.”

In Nevada, Joe Biden holds a 33,596-vote lead over President Trump.

The suit asserts, “Nevada election officials developed and implemented an election system that was highly susceptible to fraud and abuse.” The abuse is suspected to be so significant that their findings should invalidate Nevada’s election results saying, “…evidence that the nature and scale of that fraud and abuse renders the purported results of Nevada election illegitimate.”

One of the main focuses of the lawsuit center on Agilis voting machines. These are the machines used in Nevada to verify ballot-signatures and flag irregularities for human-verification. According to the document filed in Carson City District Court, election officials were not staffed sufficiently for the “surge” in mail-in ballots, as is required by Nevada law. Additionally, the Agilis machines were, “altered or adjusted by Nevada election officials in a manner that was lower than the manufacturer’s recommendations and therefore unreliable.”

The suit went on to state the lack of personnel, coupled with faulty machines managing a very large volume of ballots, made it nearly impossible to ensure an accurate election. As a result, election officials “…evidently relied exclusively on the machine to verify over 130,000 mail-in ballot signatures without any further review of those mail-in ballots by trained personnel.”