After Debate, Biden Admits to Medical Exam, Contradicting Press Secretary


President Joe Biden reportedly contradicted his press secretary by informing Democratic governors that he saw a doctor after his recent debate with Donald Trump. This revelation adds to concerns about his fitness following a poor debate performance.

Why It Matters

This issue highlights transparency and health concerns of the President, which are critical for informed voter decision-making.

Who It Impacts

This impacts American voters who need clarity and confidence in their leader’s health and abilities.

President Joe Biden has sparked controversy following a reported contradiction regarding his post-debate medical examination. During a private meeting with more than 20 Democratic governors, Biden disclosed that he saw a doctor after his debate against former President Donald Trump, claiming he was given the all-clear. This revelation came on the same day White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the media that Biden had not undergone any medical exams since his last physical in February.

This contradiction has fueled concerns about Biden’s fitness and transparency, especially after his less-than-stellar debate performance. Jean-Pierre firmly stated that Biden had not had any medical exams recently, a point she reiterated when questioned further by CNN’s MJ Lee. However, another White House spokesperson later clarified that Biden was briefly examined by his doctor for a cold following the debate, not for a formal physical.

Biden himself admitted to a poor debate performance in an interview on a Wisconsin radio station, describing his performance as a mistake but urging voters to consider his overall achievements during his presidency. “I had a bad night. And the fact of the matter is … I screwed up, I made a mistake,” Biden said, emphasizing his economic recovery efforts over the past three and a half years.

Former President Trump seized the opportunity to criticize Biden, pointing to a significant gap between them and questioning Biden’s mental fitness. Trump didn’t hold back, calling Biden a “broken down pile of crap” in a leaked video and suggesting Biden might be on the verge of quitting the race.

This unfolding situation highlights the tension between the Biden administration’s communication strategies and the public’s demand for transparency, especially concerning the President’s health. The discrepancy between Biden’s private admissions and the official statements raises questions about the handling of such sensitive information and its impact on the President’s credibility.