“American people have a right to know about it” – A Biden Supporter Reveals USPS Backdating Thousands Of Ballots In Wisconsin

Ethan Pease, A postal worker in Wisconsin has claimed the USPS planned to backdate thousands of mail-in ballots. During a news conference, Pease said on August 26th, he was told the USPS was in the process of gathering over 100K ballots on 11/4. These ballots were to be backdated and counted as legal ballots.

“I’m not a Trump supporter, I’m not a Biden supporter either … but something profoundly wrong occurred in Wisconsin during the presidential election and the American people have a right to know about it.” – Ethan Pease

According to Pease, the entire plan was to enable the ballots to be counted as valid ballots, even though they did not meet the eligibility requirements of a legal vote. This plan was carried out by having Pease, working as a subcontractor for the USPS at the time, drive a predetermined route, and pick up the mail. Included along his route were thousands of ballots that were to be delivered to the USPS. Pease said, “I knew this because there were special bins marked for ballots only.”

The day after the election, Pease was urged by USPS to locate “missing” ballots. According to Pease a senior USPS associate, “explained that an order came down from the Wisconsin Illinois chapter of USPS that 100,000 ballots were missing.” Additionally, he was told that employees were tasked with looking for missing ballots.

Pease went on to describe an interaction with another USPS employee, where he was told USPS employees were told to backdate ballots. He did not report these interactions to his supervisors because he recognized his supervisor’s, ” hostility toward President Donald Trump, and their evident contempt for the law.”


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