An Eighty-Three Year Old New Jersey House Democrat Wants 126 House Republicans Kicked Out – Because They Support Trump

In the wake of the Supreme Court denying to hear Texas’ lawsuit, a New Jersey Democrat House Rep is calling for a punishment to be enacted upon the 126 House Republicans who stood behind Texas’ effort to ensure free and fair elections for all US citizens.

In what seems to be in-line with AOC’s call to cancel and silence anyone that descents from the Democrat’s ideologies, Representative Bill Pascrell has requested Nancy Pelosi to not seat the 126 duly-elected representatives that threw their support behind the courageous Texas lawsuit.

You can read the letter here

After AOC Republican cancel-list became known, and a controversial video featuring a Michigan State Representative calling on her “soldiers” to “make them (Trump Supporters) pay,” Pascrell’s letter is another call for revenge on Republicans who dared stand up to the Democrat establishment in support of Trump.

When viewed in light of Andrew Yang’s reflective/ruminating tweet about democrats not blaming Trump, it appears some Democrats are not yet at emotionally-stable enough to even begin considering doing their job, which is to work with others who think differently.