Andrew Yang Comes Under Fire for Tweet Blaming Perceived U.S. Problems On Things Other Than President Trump

Former Democrat Party nominee hopeful, Andrew Yang tweeted on Friday “I can’t wait for the day when we can’t blame everything on Trump. Our problems run deep.” This tweet angered some of his followers but many agreed, some even becoming reflective enough to acknowledge that Trump was honestly trying to make Washington D.C. accountable to the people.

This suggests that Yang is now positioning himself to be a centrist in his recently announced run for New York City Mayor. Both Yang and Tulsi Gabbard were more center left than the rest of the Democrats who participated in the debates and both had some crossover support. But anti-Trump rhetoric, embraced by Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, was extremely popular in the news and on social media. Yet despite this popularity of rhetoric by the hard left, and his apparent struggle in the debates, Joe Biden won the primaries.

But will the much maligned Trump supporters be convinced by Yang’s sudden sympathy? The last four years have given them ample reason to be skeptical.

@Truth_Hammer_Replying to @AndrewYang “no one in Washington was ever interested in solving our problems, the vast majority of which were caused by Washington. Trump never once figured into our problems except as a person intent on solving them, which is why he is blamed.”

The DNC has it’s own issues about to become more obvious now and Yang seems to be preparing to distance himself from them and bring his supporters with him.

Tom Kirkman replied “Agreed. The DNC passionately aligns with big tech, corporate media, Hollywood, coastal elites, socialist/communist ideology, and DC swamp corruption. I can’t wrap my head around how, or why. It’s lunacy.”