ANTIFA and BLM Attack Trump Supporters at the Million MAGA March

As night fell, violence erupted in DC after a well-attended and peaceful Million MAGA March came to an end. It appears that Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters waited until the end of the rally to start attacking Pro-Trump supporters. In response Trump blasted Antifa on social media, calling them “Antifa Scum” and “Human Radical Left garbage.”

It appears that Joe Biden’s calls for unity are falling on deaf ears, as his most ardent supporters are overwhelmingly violent and hostile.

Videos of the event began making their rounds on social media, showing scenes of grotesque harrassment and intimidation of couples, the elderly, families and women.

As we have seen, the mainstream media (MSM) is hesitant to show you actual footage of the violence and disturbing situations that ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter supporters create. For our readers, we have compiled a few videos for you to watch here. The intention is to highlight the disparities between pro-Trump and ANTIFA/BLM supporters.

Please be aware, these videos are unedited and contain strong language that may not be suitable for some viewers and children.