Biden To Immediately Undo Many Of Trump’s Policies

erasing 100 dollar bill with a blue eraser

With only a few days to go before the new Biend Administration is installed, we are getting glimpses into what is most assuredly to be an undoing of many of Trump’s policies.

According to a letter obtained by the New York Times, it is expected that, on Biden’s first day in office, that he is set to undo approximately 10 Trump-era policies, which include the Paris climate accord and removing the travel bans on Muslim countries.

In terms of new policies, Biden is poised to enact will involve delaying student loan payments and halting evictions. Adding to this will be federally-mandated mask-requirements for all who visit a federal property.

During his first week, Biden is also expected to reopen schools and businesses, given they follow federal-standards for reopening.

All these policy changes will happen close to, or on, Biden’s first day in office. Other changes the new administration is prepared to make include a nearly $2 trillion COVID relief package that will give citizens $2,000 in stimulus payments, which is something the Trump administration had pushed for.