Biden To Visit Border “At Some Point”

Speaking to reporters after stepping off Marine One, former Vice President Biden said he will, “at some point,” visit the southern border.

The Biden Administration has been battling the influx of illegal immigration ever since he removed many of Trump’s border protection policies. The staggering number of migrants attempting to cross the border has reached levels not seen in two decades.

During his campaign, Biden had promised to reverse Trump’s immigration policies. Most notably has been the reversing of Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocol, which had sought to end the Obama-era “catch and release” program. This program had, upon apprehension, illegal migrants were released back into the US pending a future court date.

Now, as conditions have worsened, Biden’s administration is asking migrants originating from Mexico and South America to stay in their “town or city or community.”

The slight change in communication from the White House has yet to make a difference in curbing the tide of migrants, particularly those with children. While the White House is saying the border is closed, they are making the caveat that they will not expel children. The confusing messaging seems to be encouraging people to send their children to the border, which is a journey that is fraught with dangers.

Despite the Biden Administration’s continued stance of border-strength, the number of “encounters” at the border has been increasing. Between October 2020 to January 2021, 296,259 “encounters” were recorded. With the media blackout happening at the border, few would say this crisis is far from over.