BING and MSNBC Run Rachel Maddow Blog as “News” Calling Texas Lawsuit “Ludicrous” in Headline

“Ludicrous Texas anti-election lawsuit jolts Republican politics… “Don’t be too quick to laugh off the Paxton lawsuit. When a political party decides democracy is a problem that needs to be contested, it’s dangerous.” is running as a headlines on the news/search site Bing this morning.

You can read the article/blog here

The “news” story is actually a Rachel Maddow blog story by Steve Benen, who goes to great lengths to discount and mock the election results lawsuit brought by Texas and joined by at least 17 other states.

“it’s tempting to simply end the conversation there. A scandal-plagued state AG likely looking for a presidential pardon, filed a hopeless and pitiful lawsuit, built on an “utterly ridiculous” foundation, targeting the administration of other states’ electoral systems for no credible reason. What more is there to talk about?”

Benet’s story is filled with partisan hysterics, falsehoods and propaganda, and were it confined to Maddow’s blog would be just another vocal point of view. But Bing and MSNBC have decided to treat is as news which demonstrates the breakdown of non-partisan journalism and the blurring of news and opinion by mainstream media outlets.

As of this writing, the article has not been marked as an “opinion”