Breaking: Ted Cruz Agrees To Present Oral Arguments Before Supreme Court If Opportunity Arises

With Giuliani sick with the China virus, Ted Cruz is slated to present oral arguments to the Supreme Court, if the Supreme Court agrees to hear the appeal. Speaking specifically to the lawsuit in Pennsylvania that seeks to throw out illegal mail-in ballots in the state.

Ted Cruz said to Fox News “Petitioners legal team asked me whether I’d be willing to argue it before the Supreme Court if the Court grants certiorari. I have agreed and said if the court takes the appeal, I will stand ready to present the oral argument.”

Cruz is not new to the Supreme Court. To date, he has argued nine times before the Supreme Court.

According to Cruz in a Tweet, the petitioners (Trump’s legal team) asked him if he would be willing to present the arguments before SCOTUS if the court grants it. Ted announced that he agreed if the court takes the appeal.