Democratic Governors Raise Concerns Over Biden

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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear openly criticized President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance, acknowledging concerns among Democratic governors about Biden’s re-election campaign. A meeting between Democratic governors and Biden is expected to address these issues directly.

Why It Matters

The situation underscores the urgency for Democratic leaders to reassess their strategy and leadership, impacting the political landscape ahead of the 2024 elections.

Who It Impacts

This issue impacts Democratic Party members, voters, and the general electorate who are concerned about the direction and leadership of the party.

Kentucky Democratic Governor Andy Beshear has voiced his concerns about President Joe Biden’s debate performance, stating that it will “hurt the campaign.” His remarks came during an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” where he acknowledged the impact of Biden’s performance on his re-election prospects. Beshear emphasized the need for Democratic governors to have a “direct and candid conversation with the president” to address their concerns.

The debate performance has sparked discussions among Democratic leaders about Biden’s ability to run a successful re-election campaign against former President Donald Trump. This led to a private call among Democratic governors, organized by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, chairman of the Democratic Governors’ Association. CNN anchor Jake Tapper initially reported details of this call but later deleted his social media posts about the meeting.

Beshear did not hold back in his assessment, stating, “It was a rough night, and regardless of polls that you see, it’s going to hurt the campaign.” He emphasized the importance of honesty and direct communication with President Biden about his health and fitness for office. According to Tapper, a meeting between the governors and the White House is likely to take place soon, possibly on Wednesday.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Biden on the Democratic ticket, is expected to attend this meeting in person. Newsom’s spokesperson confirmed his travel plans to the White House, highlighting the significance of this gathering. Beshear stressed that while Biden insists he is doing well, it is crucial for the governors to see him in person to assess his condition.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker also weighed in on the issue during a CNN interview, expressing his continued support for Biden unless the president decides otherwise. When asked about the possibility of discussing a new Democratic nominee, Pritzker responded, “You’d have to ask that to Joe Biden,” emphasizing that Biden remains the party’s nominee unless he steps down.

The calls for Biden to reconsider his re-election bid are not limited to governors. Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett became the first Democrat in Congress to publicly urge Biden to step aside. Doggett stated that Biden has the opportunity to encourage a new generation of leaders and that he should consider withdrawing for the greater good of the party and the country.

Similarly, Maine Representative Jared Golden voiced his doubts about Biden’s chances in the upcoming election. In an op-ed, Golden criticized Biden’s debate performance and predicted a win for Donald Trump. Despite not planning to vote for Trump himself, Golden expressed his acceptance of the likely outcome.

The candid discussions among Democratic governors and representatives signal a growing unease within the party about Biden’s ability to lead a successful campaign. As the 2024 election approaches, these concerns highlight the urgent need for the Democratic Party to reassess its strategy and leadership to remain competitive.

The upcoming meeting between Democratic governors and President Biden will be a critical moment for the party. The governors hope to have an open and honest dialogue with Biden, addressing their concerns and discussing the future of his campaign. This meeting will likely shape the party’s approach as it navigates the challenges ahead.