Duplicate Ballots Were Altered In Arizona New Study Finds

In shocking news today, Arizona Republican party charwoman, Kelli Ward, came forward to announce the results of a small duplicate ballot study. What she found were, out of 100 random duplicate ballots, two of them were altered to favor Biden.

Ballots that are damaged or unable to be scanned are deemed duplicate ballots. In this instance, workers must re-create (duplicate) the ballot, exactly as it was cast.

In the case of one ballot, the voter voted for Trump. But, upon examining the duplicate, the ballot was recorded as a vote for Biden.

In the other duplicate ballot, the voter voted for Trump, but the duplicate copy was never recorded.

The race is so tight in Arizona that there is only 10,000 votes seperating Biden and Trump (Biden in the lead).

In response to this revelation, the President tweeted, “This would be, if carried forward, approximately 90,000 votes more than we need to win the Sate.”