Email Uncovered Showing Hunter Biden Requesting a $10M Wire Transfer From Chinese Private Energy Company

As the investigation into Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son continues, more information about Hunter’s possibly corrupt practices have been steadily released. The latest of which was an email containing correspondence between Hunter Biden and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming from 2017.

In the email, former Vice President Biden’s son extended “best wishes from the entire Biden family” and asked the chairman to quickly wire him $10 million. The money would be used to “properly fund and operate” the failed business venture ‘SinoHawk Holdings’ that Hunter and Jianming were working on together.

This is only the latest in the constantly evolving Hunter Biden investigation, which has now beenconfirmed by both the DOJ and Hunter himself. It has also been reported that Hunter did not report $400,000 in income related to his position on the board of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.

All the new information has been coming from 900 documents that have been released by Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski is mentioned in numerous emails including the email to chairman Jianming, where it is said he will “act as the CEO of SinoHawk Holdings.” According to Bobulinksi, Joe Biden was involved in his son’s overseas business dealings.

Chairman Jianming never sent the funds that Hunter requested and was arrested by Chinese authorities in 2018. Jianming’s company, which at one point had been China’s biggest private energy company, ended up going bankrupt earlier this year.

Interestingly enough, when the first of the emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were originally released in October, The Democratic Party and it’s followers began circulating that it was a ‘Russian misinformation campaign.’ Now that the investigation has been confirmed and evidence of wrongdoing is beginning to stack up, they have switched to ‘we don’t care because it’s Hunter and not Joe.’ Do you think they would say the same thing if it was Don Jr. mixed up in all of this?