Exciting news, The President wins North Carolina!

In this broadcast, Jim has exciting news for us. We cover: Trump may be winning in Arizona, Hunter Biden being labeled a Foreign Agent, an NC Senate seat swung Republican, and a California House seat being flipped for the Republicans. There’s a lot to talk about! 

One of the most exciting pieces of news (especially for Crawfordologists) is the release of our new website! We ask you to share this page with your friends and be sure to subscribe/follow us on all major social media accounts. We’re trying to be a sensible Conservative voice in a sea of liberal media. We appreciate any support you can give our way.  

The Trump Update 

We are still continuing to watch the election and the developments there. According to the Epoch Times, there is a growing optimism regarding Trump’s ability to win Arizona. Remember, Arizona is one of the states that have an automatic recount if the vote gets within a very slim margin. To us, it appears Trump is nearing that margin. There are still 60K votes left to be counted. And an insider has stated that Trump has a 55% chance of winning Arizona.  

While this does give us some hope, we understand the likelihood of Trump being able to turn the election around is a very tough challenge. It is not an easy fight. However, if there is someone we’ve learned not to bet against, it’s President Trump. 

Speaking about fighting, we see his administration continue to look into alleged voter fraud and irregularities. We are following these developments very closely.  

In The Senate 

One of the major developments is Democrat Cal Cunningham has conceded his NC Senate Rate to Thom Tillis. This means the Republicans have officially won another Senate seat. The remaining two Senate seats in GA are left undecided, as they are currently going to runoffs. Will have to keep our eye on these developments.  

Hunter Biden News 

Grassley has urged DOJ to look into having Hunter Biden being registered as a Foreign Agent.  The document submitted to the DOJ describes how Hunter Biden helped foreign governments gain access to American companies, making it easier for foreign countries to perform various business dealings. We suggest giving the article and .pdf a read. It’s a fascinating look into what the media has refused to look into.  

In Closing 

As we look at the news today, we can see many positive developments happening around the country, including Michelle Steel flipping a California US House Of Representatives District. Yes, Trump’s effort to uncover alleged wrongdoings in the US Presidential election is something that concerns us all. But we can see bright spots that prove that the 2020 election was not the “Red Wave”. Let’s not give up hope and continue to fight to protect the fundamentals that have made our country the greatest country in the history of mankind.  

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