Explosive: Powell Claims Evidence of Counterfeit Ballots From China and Mexico

In a recent interview, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have proposed the assertion that there were counterfeit ballots created and sent to the US from China. Speaking to Brave Hearts, Powell said she has evidence of this saying, “We heard a video of somebody ordering ballots from China. We have evidence of a significant planeload of ballots coming in, and we have a witness that has said that they continue to come in because they intend to run counterfeit ballots in any runoffs or if they need them in recounts, too. So it hasn’t stopped.”

Powell mentioned there exists videos showing the transportation of ballots from Mexico.

According to Powell, the Federal Court of Appeals in Georgia has been updated on this and is expected to decide on this issue on Friday.

“They’re gonna have to find, if they get it right, they’re gonna have to find that the Georgia mail-out ballots, that they sent out like 1.6 million of or something, are not valid. Because the standards for filling out those ballots and voting them is not the same standard required for people voting early, absentee, or in person. And you can’t have multiple different standards for people to vote. It’s an equal protection of the law violation under Bush vs Gore.” – Sidney Powell

Evidence of these surprising allegations have yet to be released to the public.