Dr. Fauci Tells Americans “Do What You’re Told”

Fauci is at it again and he wants you to behave. Yesterday, CNBC reported that Fauci was at the National Cathedral speaking about the COVID pandemic, where he said he thinks people need to let go of their independent spirit and just follow the rules. And this sentiment isn’t just for us Americans. It goes for the U.K. too saying, “I was talking with my U.K. colleagues who are saying the U.K. is similar to where we are now, because each of our countries have that independent spirit. I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told.” 

Encouraging Americans to comply is nothing new for Fauci, as he has become a political centerpiece during this pandemic. But, this statement is concerning because he directly pinpoints the American independent spirit as a threat to compliance.  

To be clear, none of us want people to get sick and die. And, we are not on the side of taking no precautions at all. Be smart! But, what we always stand for are the liberties and freedoms that we Americans enjoy. Our freedoms and liberty are rooted in our nation’s inherent characteristic of being independent, to pursuing our happiness and to living our lives the way we see fit.  

When the government (or someone in government) begins to suggest we turn away from our most cherished value, alarms go off. 

Why The American Spirit?  

There are two things that really stand out in Fauci’s statement that give us pause. They are: attacking the “Independent American Spirit” and equating our independent spirit with that of Europe’s.  

Let’s talk about the independent spirit first…  

The left seems to have always had a problem with the concept of the independent American spirit because they can’t control it. And if the left wants our nation to be more socialistic, they can’t have a bunch of people running around believing in this idea of “independence.” They must have a compliant and dependent populous that will do exactly what Fauci said, “…do what you’re told.”  

Let’s take a look at the middle class for a moment. This is a group of people who are free from dependence on the government. They don’t need government programs.  They don’t depend on subsidies or any type of handout. They can think, act, and live with relative comfort. The left has a problem with that. So what do they do? They increase taxes on the middle class. They send jobs to other countries. They create situations where the middle-class shrinks, and the government’s power increases. The independent American spirit dwindles. Side note…Trump did an incredible job bringing jobs back to the US and lifting people out of poverty, which are two facts the MSM doesn’t like to look at.  

But Fauci didn’t just stop there. He didn’t just tell Americans to get over our independent spirit. He took it a step further and lumped us in with Europe. He effectively said, the American Spirit isn’t really a thing. Europe has the same one. And they need to get over it too. By doing this, he made one of our most important characteristics seem unimportant, bland, and just like everyone else.  

You’re not special…just follow the rules. 

What Fauci said on Thursday should be concerning to all of us. It proves that those in power truly believe our independent spirit is something that needs to be set aside for the greater good. Yes, people should be smart and protect themselves in the best way. But, when elitists tell you to give up your independence and do what they say, every American who loves freedom should pay attention. The only thing standing in the way of socialism is our independent American spirit.