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We thought by now, we’d see significant movement with the election-irregularities. But, as we can see from the Epoch Times, the race has yet to be called. For this episode, we’re taking a quick look at where things stand, and the irregularities that are being found.  

Focusing on Pennsylvania, the latest development here is the Ohio Attorney General has asked the US Supreme Court to overturn Pennsylvania’s State Supreme Court ruling. Ken Starr has weighed in calling, what has happened in Pennsylvania Ballot Extension a “Constitutional Travesty.”     

It’s important to remember that all states have a constitution. And each constitution set the terms and process for voting. What happened within Pennsylvania is that the Governor asked a lower court to extend voting by three days. The court came back and denied the request, citing the requirement to get approval through the Legislature.  The Governor then went and petitioned the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Their Supreme Court approved the petition. In response to this unconstitutional change, the Attorney General is now filing a case with the Supreme Court. Currently, the Supreme Court has not agreed to hear it. So, we’ll have to wait to see this develop.  

Moving To Michigan, it has been revealed that poll workers were instructed to backdate mail ballots and to not ask for identification. Election workers were even see coaching electors on how to vote straight-ticket. There are many other details related to voter-irregularities that are coming out. We’re staying tuned regarding this state.  

Next, let’s take a look at Nevada. A whist blower saw people in a Biden Van opening, filling and stuffing ballots. Additionally, a federal judge denied requests to change verification procedures and to expand access for Republican poll watchers in Clark County.  

Ballots are still being counted in Arizona. The Governor went on to say that there are still 75K ballots that have yet to be counted. It is conceivable that this race will continue to narrow within 1%.  

Over the next couple of days, we are continuing to see this play-out. We are paying attention. 

Comments About The American Media 

How strange is it that China and Russia have refused to accept the outcome until the process is 100% complete. Contrast this stance with the American press, where they are so ready and willing to accept the results without any questioning or verification (including Fox News). That is incredible! Two countries that have less freedom of the press, and respect for rule of law, are hesitant to congratulate a winner. 

As Conservative thinkers, we are recognizing the media’s biased nature. And the question must be, how do we get back to the original intent of the media, which is to present the facts objectively and fairly? This question is made even more difficult to answer when we are constantly being bombarded by celebrities telling us what to think. Who can we trust?   

Look, the last thing the world needs is another celebrity, sports star, or vial-sensation to inform the general public. But, they are there. When these cultural “heroes” advise us of how we should think and act, shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard? Right now, it would seem that fame and money are the only requirements for them to be the purveyors of American greatness. Shouldn’t we require so much more? Isn’t it time that the public, before celebrities are allowed to speak into the lives of millions, that the public first considers the values and morals that these people subscribe to? The answer is, YES! Is it likely that that will happen, sadly no.   

So what do we do? With how the media is not considering voting irregularities and reports of outright crimes, we can see that the situation isn’t getting any better. Political agendas will continue to be printed as facts. Celebrities will continue to bombard you with their own beliefs, urging you to believe the same. It appears that we may not ever get to a place where the news is presented in a fair and balanced way. This is something that we hope doesn’t happen. But, until the American public (left and right) demands it, it will not change. Let’s hope, for the sake of our country, that will change.  

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