Giuliani Clarifies Why Powell Was Distanced From Trump Legal Team

A little bit of clarity has come, but it’s wrapped in secrecy. Speaking with Lou Dobbs, Giuliani peeled back some confusion as to why Trump made a statement specifically saying Powell was not part of his team.

“I think it’s because we’re pursuing two different theories,” Giulini said. He stated that his team is focusing on how Trump’s constitutional rights were deprived from him, citing confidence in eventually making it to the Supreme Court. However, he did not describe what Ms. Powell was working on.

The best we can do is speculate that Powell’s focus is uncovering enormous voter fraud that spans countries and interests. While this is related to the Trump legal team’s effort, it is a separate issue. Central to her focus has been Dominion voting systems and their alleged connections to foreign communist governments, including China.

The clarification does help us understand why Powell was distanced. However, the lack of details regarding Powell’s activities adds to the suspense and mystery surrounding the election.