GOP and the President Fight On!

On this special Sunday-evening edition of Crawfordology, we are continuing to keep an eye on the state of the election. And if you remember anything from this broadcast, remember, the media does not get to decide who the President is. The process does. And, if we are to have a new President, we want to be sure that change is made by the process.  

As we move forward, we must consider this election as being much more than just picking a President. We need to consider the fidelity of the election process. This is a concern and will continue being a concern until we know that all legal ballots were counted.  

Currently, the media is telling us to accept the fact that President Trump was voted out of office. We are told to accept this as fact, and to sit down. But, when we consider the facts, and continue to watch votes still being counted, we know that this election is not over. In fact, it could take weeks until all the votes are counted.  

On top of waiting for each ballot to be counted, let’s take a look at what else is happening with this election. 

Lawsuits that are being filed in multiple states. Each one of these irregularities must be investigated.  

State’s margins are nearing automatic-recount levels

Republicans are urging the President to not conceded 

Investigations into software “glitches” are beginning to take root 

What’s really concerning is, with all these developments, the media is still rushing to disregard legitimate concerns. As citizens watch videos of poll-watchers being kept from fulfilling their duty. As we hear stories of ballots being backdated. As we watch the Supreme Court issuing orders to states, forcing them to abide by the State’s own election laws, we citizens must look into each and every instance of these irregularities, glitches and outright obstruction. We should investigate regardless of who is elected President. We should do it to maintain confidence in our processes. 

The fidelity of our election-process is essential to our free country. If we shrug our shoulders and allow the corruption to occur, we are allowing the most basic freedoms of our country to diminish. This is what we must keep in mind. Yes, it would be easy to move on and not look at the details. But, we must forgo that tendency and seek the truth, which ultimately leads to preserving our freedom.  

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