Happy Sunday! The President is gaining votes in Arizona, and support in Michigan, Issa returns to Congress!

Today, in this early Sunday-morning podcast, we discuss the current state of the election. And, there seems to be good news. As of this morning, Arizona Biden’s lead dwindles down. Read the article from the Epoch Times here.  With this development, we could see an automatic recount triggered, which reminds us that the election isn’t over, until it is over.  

There are still other people pushing to ensure legal elections have, and are, taking place. For instance, Michigan lawmakers have subpoenaed election officials. They pulled her in to ask, “What’s happening in Michigan.” But, when asked, she basically answered, “I don’t know anything.” 

Other officials and activists are asking tough questions, in regards to the elections. And when we look at how quickly election procedures and laws were changed in months, weeks and even days leading up to the election, we should investigate election irregularities. And after three years of investigating the Russia-hoax, we sure can look into instances that give the appearance of fraud or actual tampering.  And, we expect lawmakers to do exactly that.

More Good News… 

Darrell Issa (California) is set to return to Congress. This will be very timly because Issa was very engaged with the Obama hearings. Honestly, he is a very experienced and conservative member of Comgress. He used to Chair the House Oversight Committee. From a Conservative perspective, this is a very bright spot for California, and all Americans.  

Looking at the developments, we need to be patient and know that good things are happening. Yes, we want to ensure there our elections are legal and conducted appropriately. But for Conservatives all across the country, we cannot lose heart. We must stand for Conservative principles not just for us at the moment, but for generations to come.  

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