GOP goes to the High Court, Stories of fraud abound, The President is back to work! GOP goes to the High Court, Stories of fraud abound, The President is back to work!

It’s been days since the election, and no one knows how we are going to pull this one out. As difficult as counting seems to be for states, perhaps we should have them enlist the Count from Sesame Street. We could have been much, much further down the road. But, even if we did get the Count to help, he would have a tough time adding up the votes that are legal and not legal. The confusing laws of when ballots can be accepted, how they are accepted, and where they can be accepted is a muddy mess.  

The confusion is so great that, according to the Epoch Times, the US Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania to segregate late-arriving ballots.  Pennsylvania is ordered to keep these ballots “in a secure, safe, and sealed container separate from other voted ballots.” This order was sent directly to the state because those at the County-level were refusing to abide by PA Secretary of State guidance to ensure a legal vote-count.  

This is a very good development for those who are concerned about how votes are counted. We have been waiting to see how the Federal Government would step in and force states to conduct themselves according to the law. And, this appears to be the first step (hopefully, the first of many) in cracking down on states and counties that are refusing to be transparent and open during this election.  

What is just as alarming has been the media’s response to this. After three years of investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, the media is all but ignoring any possible voter fraud in 2020. Yes, we can see the duplicity in this. But, when the election fraud is this apparent (and just days after an election), we are astounded at the media’s determination to silence any voices that would challenge irregularities. 

Of the most concerning are the votes that appeared, in the middle of the night, and most (if not all) votes were for Biden. Not only that, but the votes that came in were nearly the exact amount to get Biden in the lead. Is it possible for this to happen? Yes. But, it is very unlikely. Just as unlikely are the boxes of votes being found that have 185K votes for Biden and 0 for Trump. It just doesn’t make sense.  

We are seeing story after story about voter suppression, ballots being found in the middle of the night, and secrecy surrounding ballots and vote-counts. This should not be. As Americans, we have the right to know who is counting the votes and how they are doing it. We must know that our election-process is free of fraud and as strong as ever. With what we have been seeing, every American should be concerned and supporting an investigation into any irregularities.