No, the election isn’t over MSNBC, Trump drives a challenge, Big Tech Weighs in

If you’ve been on social media for any amount of time today, you have seen the election-related posts, videos and memes. The gloating has begun! But, as the saying goes, the fat lady hasn’t sung. The election still hasn’t been 100% determined. And, the idea that the media networks determine who won the Presidency, is far from the truth.  

Let’s take a look at how things actually stand, according to The Epoch Times

Nevada – Still has legal challenges 

Arizona – Still has legal challenges 

Wisconsin – Ballots are still being counted 

Michigan – Still has legal challenges 

Pennsylvania – Still has legal challenges 

Georgia – Ballots are still being counted 

With all that is happening in these very important states, we know that there will be many legal battles in the near future. This is a good time to do it because the election isn’t over until next month. Apart from what you may hear on the MSM, the reality is, states are supposed to have certified their votes by December 8th. Those votes are then sent to Congress by December 14th. And, on December 14th,, Congress takes a look at those votes, determines everything is in order, and certifies the election results. That’s when the election is over, and there is a President-Elect.  

There is a whole lot still to be said about the election, and the future is not decided. Knowing this, it’s difficult to go onto social media and see Biden supporters gloating and insulting Conservatives and Trump supporters. The concept of being magnanimous is something liberals have a tough time with. And, after a summer of riots, censoring conservative voices, and corporate virtue-signaling, are we really surprised?  The left is trying everything they can to silence our concerns, telling us shut-up and just accept it.  

While the Left gloats, let’s talk about what is happening 

Trump is challenging mail-in ballots that were counted without GOP oversight. Specifically speaking, Trump is filing lawsuits in Philidelphia and Pittsburg. These are cities where poll watchers were not allowed to watch how ballots are being counted. More suits are expected to be filed in other states and metropolitan areas.  

And why does this matter?  

Yes, as Trump supporters we want to see Trump get a second term. But, we also want to be confident that every legal vote has been counted. And this shouldn’t be a conservative-only idea. It should be a priority for every American in the country. If we don’t have full confidence that our electoral system is sound and secure, we don’t have much of a democratic republic, do we?  

This is why it should concern every man and woman to hear reports of poll-watchers being kept out of the buildings, windows being covered, random ballots “found” in the dead of night. Anytime we hear these stories, our ears should perk-up and questions need to be asked. Even if nothing happens to reverse the course for Trump, we should still seek answers to our questions, just so we can have confidence in our system.  

Sounds pretty reasonable right? Shouldn’t the left want to ensure our elections are corruption-free? After the left went to such great lengths to investigate possible Russian election interference. Shouldn’t they hate reports of election-tampering? Shouldn’t they want to investigate every lead too?  

Sadly, that isn’t the case. And Big Tech is, once again, trying to silence conservative voices, even when those voices are doing nothing more than exposing fraud in our elections. For example, GoFundMe took down a fundraiser to help with voter fraud detection. But, this isn’t really surprising, is it? Four the past few years, we’ve seen how YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…perfected the art (and technology) of canceling, censoring, and limiting conservative views.  

Big Tech has joined the fake news, making it more and more difficult for conservatives to find points of view and analysis that support conservative values and beliefs. They don’t believe you, the ordinary person is smart enough to think for yourself. They want you to gravitate toward their pre-approved personality, with their pre-approved point of view. And, by limiting the views of conservatives, the socialist-agendas of the left are unchallenged.  

And that is why Crawfordology exists. We want to challenge the left’s ideology and help educate those who have only been exposed to socialism. We want to promote the ideas that have made American (and American’s) strong and able to withstand even the most difficult times. And as we move forward, and progressivism becomes more and more prevalent in our culture, we will want to see informed conservatives pushing back in ways that are effective, engaging, and persuasive.  

No, we are not giving up on the election. We believe Trump still has some tricks up his sleeve. But, we are also looking around at what is happening, and planning for the future. Conservatism (and freedom) will continue to be attacked and silenced. It’s up to us to fight for the fundamentals that make our country great. And, it all starts with ensuring free and legal elections.  

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