GOP’s Kevin McCarthy Calls Out A “Lawless” Democrat Party

Gage Skidmore

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called out the Democrat Party as the party of lawlessness in a Thursday tweet.

The tweet featured a video highlighting several high-profile Democrat lawmakers calling to defund the police. It shows Democrat-run city streets filled with anarchy, vandals destroying public property, looting and burning businesses, and crowds of rioters pouring into the streets. It also revealed lawmakers verbalizing perceived threats and calling for seeming acts of violence while describing the events as “peaceful protests.”

McCarthy blasted the Democrats for their promotion of “lawlessness” before. In November, he hammered the topic in a speech.

McCarthy pointed out the skyrocketing crime rates in Democrat-run cities across the nation, pinpointing dollar amounts of defunded police forces: Los Angeles Police Department – $150 million, Austin, Texas – $150 million, Baltimore – $22 million, New York City – $1 billion.

“At a time when violent crime is spiking nationally, cities under Democrat rule have or are seeking to defund their police departments. Another move lacking commonsense, logic, and leadership,” McCarthy said. “President Biden and Democrat leaders in Congress could send a message to local officials that lawlessness is unacceptable. Instead, they are enabling it.”

At the conclusion of the tweeted six-minute video montage, “As Democrats in Washington abuse their power to attack their political opponents, they are ignoring America’s crime crisis” appears on the screen.