Governor Cuomo’s $10,000 a Ticket Birthday Party/Campaign Fundraiser

In an attempt to drive up funds for his campaign, Governor Cuomo is celebrating his 63rd birthday by charging money for tickets to attend his ‘virtual’ birthday party. The party will also feature liberal celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Stiller, and Robert De Niro.

Check Out The Invite Here

The tickets to Gov. Cuomo’s birthday bash will not be cheap either. Ranging anywhere from $50-$10,000 to attend virtually. Those that are willing to fork out $10k will get a code allowing them to join a limited pre-party featuring the celebrities and Gov. Cuomo himself and multiple “flex tickets for the main reception”. From there the tickets for the main reception exclusively go down in value at $5,000 for 6 tickets, $2,500 for 3 tickets, $1,000 for 1 ticket, and $50 for 1 “Professional/Activist to attend. However the $50 tickets have a “limited availability”

It comes as a surprise that Gov. Cuomo is doing this after the backlash he has been receiving the last few weeks. Aside from the very recent sexual harassment allegations, he has encountered fallout among his supporters (perhaps for the first time) for ignoring the COVID-19 restrictions he imposed on his constituents.

Whether it’s planning a family Thanksgiving that breaks his own rules or his seemingly never-ending Twitter frenzy about wearing masks, despite the fact he is rarely seen in one. It is clear that Gov. Cuomo is one of the biggest hypocrites in America. However, there will still be many people likely to pay to attend this virtual fundraiser, many of whom have absolutely no idea about his hypocritical manner.