Gov. Northam Wants To Make VA First Southern State To Legalize Marijuana

Talk about taking the high road. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wants to make Virginia the first southern state to legalize marijuana for personal use. On Monday, he announced support for new legislation to be introduced that will make the drug legal for all Virginians.

Governor Northam is the 73rd Governor of Virginia and was mired in controversy in 2019 over a blackface yearbook photo.

Northam said, “Legalizing marijuana will happen in Virginia,” citing what he sees as the public’s view of favoring legalization. The issue became a little hazy as the Governor went on to say, “I listen to the people.” At this time, we cannot determine the accuracy of his statements.

This comes on the heels of Northam’s compulsory November 13th Executive Action (which was formed and enacted without any input from the citizens of Virginia) that make it illegal to exist within public spaces without fully covering the nose and mouth.

Earlier this year, the Governor had supported the successful decriminalizing or marijuana.

The trip a piece of legislation may be stonewalled along the way and could take two years to pass.