“I Support President Trump’s Request For A Recount In Georgia” – Two Georgia Senators Support Trump’s Recount Efforts

The media would have you believe Trump is an island, and all his efforts to investigate irregularities are absurd. But, that is not the case.

US Senators of Georgia, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler, have lifted their voices to the growing number of Republican leaders who support Trump’s efforts to perform an additional recount in Georgia.

“I support President Trump’s request for a recount in Georgia, one in which signatures on absentee ballot envelopes are properly matched and verified to their signature on the registration. Anything less than that will not be a full and transparent recount,”  – Senator Perdue

“We must match and verify absentee ballot signatures to their corresponding voter registration signatures, investigate all voting irregularities, and count only the votes that were legally cast,” – Senator Loeffler

Georgia has already performed a recount. But, many have claimed that the recount didn’t go far enough, alleging that the recount only recounted the votes that they received, and there was a lack of sufficient scrutiny given towards mail-in ballots whose signatures did not match. According to the Trump campaign, “Without signature matching, this recount would be a sham and again allow for illegal votes to be counted.”