“I’d Like To See The Curfews Go Away,” California Protestors Speak Out Against State Forced-Compliance With New Rules

New curfue orders went into place in California on Saturday. But, that didn’t mean everyone’ is happy with it. Pro-freedom protestors took to the streets in Huntington Beach, CA Saturday evening, according to a local news source.

The protesters gathered to speak out against the state’s tough restrictions that went into effect at 10:00 pm. The new rules state that non-essential workers must stop work from 10 pm – 5 am. As part of a growing number of localities are becoming COVID-sanctuaries, Orange County Sheriffs and other law enforcement officials have said that they will not be enforcing the new rules.

Many view the new rules as unnecessary and going too far. These perspectives align with growing concerns over COID restrictions increasing poverty-levels.