“It Shocked Me This Could Happen” – Security Fraud Expert Describes Scenes In Pennsylvania

A self-described “expert in security fraud” spoke in front of the GOP Policy Committee hearing Wednesday evening. As a poll watcher in Pennsylvania’s Deleware County, Greg Stenstrom described a range of alarming irregularities related to the 2020 General Election.

Irregularities that he witnessed ranged from 47 USB cards being lost to “chain-of-custody” violations related to mail-in ballots. “It shocked me this could happen,” Stenstrom said. He went on to add, “People ask me all the time, how do people commit crimes? I know there’s a lot of theories here. And I always look for the simplest thing. People that stuff…stick USB sticks in, putting ballots in—a very simple thing. Only takes a couple of people, doesn’t take a big conspiracy.”

His allegations align with other poll watcher accounts of potential fraud. The increasing number of people who are coming forward to describe multiple types of voter fraud in key battleground states is alarming to conservatives. These accounts are being provided by professionals with expertise in their prospective fields. As we move forward, we expect to hear more about what went on election night. But, until the process works itself out, we must be vigilant as we hope justice to prevail.