Judge sides with Trump Campaign, Lindsey Graham, China!

Jumping right into it, we start off with the Epoch Times. Election, and subsequent legal challenges, are still ongoing. Yes, this is a tedious process. There would be nothing better than to have it over, and a President to be formally announced. As we move through this, we must be patient, vigilant, and hopeful. The process must play itself out until there is a legal end to the campaign.  

Good News In Pennsylvania 

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar had no legal authority to change election deadlines just two days before Election Day. You can read the entire order here. Basically, the judge ruled in favor of Trump. Each of the ballots that were received after the deadline must be put aside. What happens to the segregated ballots is anyone’s guess.  

Let’s take a moment and think about what happened in PA. Someone looked at Pennsylvania’s election laws and decided to overstep the state’s constitutional requirements. They weren’t sure the election-outcome would go the Democrat’s way. So, they extended voting, they changed ID laws. They made all these changes, thinking they would be covered under the Help America Vote Act. In the end, the court didn’t see it that way. We are very happy to see at least one judge stands up for the rule of law.  

Don’t Bet Against Trump 

Moving through this swamp of legal problems, we keep hearing the MSM telling us that Trump just won’t accept defeat and he should just give up right now. The fact is, and you’ve heard us say it before, we wouldn’t want to bet against Trump. He has the patience to untangle this mess, knocking down the pins one by one. As long as he keeps fighting, we are still behind him here at Crawfordology.  

In addition to all of this, we need to consider the Dominion voting system that was used in Georgia voting.  The Dominion voting system was a $100 million voting system that was supposed to have overcome the security vulnerabilities that existed in years before. But, on 10/11/20 a district judge agreed that the Dominion system presented security-issues that may prevent voters from casting an accurate vote. The judge went on to say, that changing the system would present a large electoral disruption. Meaning, they went ahead and allowed the Dominion voting systems, even though they knew of their vulnerabilities, even though they knew this was going to be a close (and important) election.  

Lindsey Graham Is Flexing! 

We’ve wanted to see if for years, and it’s finally happening. Lindsey Graham has gone from nice-guy to flexing wherever possible. He has come out casting questions about Nevada. The question is if we can’t verify that the signature on the ballot is the actual person casting the ballot? It’s a relevant question. And, we’re glad Lindsey is asking it.  

Even more Lindsey-news, he is donating $1,000,000 to Georgia Republicans to help the Republican Senators for their runoff campaign. Apart from the Presidential race, the Senatorial races in GA are the most important in the country. Thanks, Lindsey…keep flexing. 

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