Justice Alito Wants PA. to File Briefs By December 8

Responding to an eergency injunction petition, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito requested Pennsylvania to file briefs by December 8th (tomorrow). The petition, filed by Republicans, seeks to resind the November 3rd election results.

The reason for choosing this particular day is that it is the day before the “safe harbor” deadline, which mandates any questions revolving around the election be resolved by that time. When this happens, electors should be able to meet on December 14th to formalize the Electoral College vote.

This move by Alito is a sign that the Supreme Court is intending on involving itself with the injunction in time to meet the safe harbor date.

A leading democrat involved in the Democrat’s election legal cases Tweeted she is “NOT worried about the date briefs are due.”

If the plan works out for the Republicans, the injunction would be granted and would move the issue of Pennsylvania’s electoral college vote to be resolved within the US Supreme Court.


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