Leaked – Names Of Chinese Communist Party Members In Positions Of Power Throughout The World

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a secretive and elusive governmental body. The ways in which they operate and their goals remain a mystery to many people outside of it. However, a recent leak obtained by ‘The Australian’ newspaper gave the entire world a peek into the way President Xi Jinping runs the CCP.

The leak was a list containing 2.4 million names, including members of the Communist Party as well as their party position, national ID number, birthday, and ethnicity. Some of the info on the list was public information while some of it was pulled from confidential sources. The most startling aspect of the leak was who the people on the list were.

Many of them are embedded in the western world, ranging from government agencies to huge companies. These people in high places report directly to the CCP over any other government, which makes their very participation in any government agency a US security breach.

This is the first leak of its kind and some names have been released via Twitter while more are expected to release in the future.

It is clear that the CCP is very powerful and its influence is spanning across the entire western world. It is building a massive surveillance infrastructure across every government and private industry. The CCP is actively working to control the world through their embedded members. There is likely more to come of this story, Crawfordolgy will monitor any new updates.