Mainstream Media Switches from “Protestors” to “Anarchists” in Reporting on Paris Riots.

After years of reporting on the French riots using terms such as “protests” and ” demonstrators”, Reuters news is now calling the riots “riots” and the anarchists “anarchists” and “troublemakers”.

“Scores of hooded anarchists launched projectiles at riot police, smashed up shop fronts, torched cars and burned barricades…. The police fired back volleys of tear gas and made repeated charges at groups of troublemakers for close to three hours.”

Why the sudden differentiation between anarchists and peaceful protesters and why no such discernment when it comes to the infiltration by the anarchists of BLM and Antifa in the U.S.?

“Thousands of people had began marching peacefully in Paris, waving banners that read “France, land of police rights” and “Withdrawal of the security law”, when the clashes erupted between police and ‘Black Bloc’ anarchists. Paris police said that some 500 “casseurs” — which translates as hoodlums or rioters — had infiltrated the protest, according to BFM TV.”

Political propaganda for the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections is part of the answer. Mainstream media worked to lay blame on the Trump administration for the unrest in the U.S. But in reality a world-wide concerted effort to create anarchy and unrest is to blame and the disruption of duly elected governmental bodies is the goal. How much influence did these efforts have on the U.S. elections? Are they related to the widespread election fraud suspected of being carried out by numerous counties?

Who will ask these questions? Does the U.S. have any non-partisan journalists to report the truth? Will they have the support that they’ll need to dig deep and look into corruption? They’ll be fighting a very large, very influential media/government system to not only find the truth, but to make it public, accessible and heard beyond the cries of “conspiracy theory” so often used to shield the fraud.