Maxine Waters Says A Trump Win Would Lead To ‘Killings’

Maxine Waters | Source:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) voiced her apprehensions this weekend about the potential repercussions of former President Donald Trump winning re-election. Speaking on MSNBC, Waters expressed fears not only for her own safety but also for the safety of many Americans, particularly people of color. She emphasized that Trump’s rhetoric could lead to significant violence.

During the interview, Waters stated, “I’m very concerned, not only about my safety and not only about the safety of members of Congress. I’m concerned about the safety of so many people in this country, particularly people of color. Donald Trump has said that if he does not win, it is going to be fraud, and because it is going to be fraud, there will be blood in the streets. He threatens about a civil war, and he threatens there’s going to be violence.”

Waters believes that Trump’s statements are emboldening those with racist inclinations, suggesting that his talk of violence and civil unrest is resonating with his supporters. “I would say all of this talk is motivational with many of those who are racist, who are sitting at home listening to him, and they are taking him up on his threats even before the elections take place. It is about thousands, maybe millions of people being threatened and being at risk because of Donald Trump and his desire to seek revenge on anything and everybody,” she continued.

The Congresswoman linked Trump’s rhetoric to the violent events of January 6, arguing that his words could lead to further violence and killings. “I think Donald Trump has to take responsibility for what he is saying about blood in the streets and violence if he is not elected to be the president of the United States of America,” she asserted.

Waters’ comments come amid a highly polarized political climate, where concerns about political violence and civil unrest are at the forefront of many Americans’ minds. The potential for increased violence as a result of inflammatory political rhetoric underscores the need for responsible communication from public figures.