General Flynn Says There Is A “Coup In Progress” – Describes Democrats Efforts To Unseat Trump

Retired General Michael Flynn has strong words for the Democrat party, calling some to be involved in a proverbial coup against the President. “There is still a coup in progress,” he said during a recent public appearance.

The retired General went on to refer to the democrats as the “Democratic Socialist Party of America,” who only want to remove Trump from office. Highlighting the 2016 election, Flynn described the Democrat’s response to losing the Presidential election as a commitment to never lose again, no matter what, “When they lost in 2016, I think that there was a decision to say, ‘We’re not going to allow this to happen again.'”

Flynn recounted the political and financial pressures the President faced, which were intended to keep the President from entering the political world. Flynn said, “I know there was some sentiment that maybe he’ll just … say, ‘You know what, I don’t need this stuff. I got better things to do,’ and leave,” adding, “Thank God he didn’t.”

When Trump did not move away from politics, Flynn said the mainstream media went after Trump, “in any way possible.” Flynn described the democrat’s Russia-probe and impeachment as “psychological operations.” And when their efforts failed, Flynn pointed to Communist China as being interested in supporting the Democrat’s effort to unseat a sitting President.

“I believe when during the last 2016 election, when they didn’t get the candidate that they needed, and the kind of ideology that they saw America moving towards, they were not going to allow 2020 to happen,” – Michael Flynn

However, Flynn is still optimistic about a 2nd Trump term, “There already is an undercurrent of momentum shifting for the president and I believe that at the end of the day, we’re going to find out that he won by a massive landslide and he’ll be inaugurated come this January,”