NEW POLL: Most Americans Say the Economy is Doing Poorly & Biden is Focused on the Wrong Things

Gage Skidmore

A new poll released Monday reveals that most Americans think the country is not doing well, and the President hasn’t focused on the right things.

According to the CNN/SSRS press release, the poll, conducted between June 13-July 13, 2022, had 1,459 representatives in an address-based sampling. The households were randomly selected to participate and had a 95% confidence.

The survey found only 2 out of 10 Americans (21%) think things in the nation are going well. An even smaller number, 18%, said the economic conditions were good. According to the poll, 79% of Americans think things in the country are going badly.

The economic situation drew grimmer numbers, with just 18% believing the economic conditions were good. The poll should 16% thought the economy was “somewhat good,” but the overwhelming majority (82%) said the economy was “poor.” The respondents were split on “somewhat poor” and “very poor,” each garnering 41%. When asked if they thought the economy was in recession, 64% of respondents said yes, and 35% said no.

When asked what the biggest economic issue for their family was, 75% of Americans said expenses and the cost of living. Inflation and rising costs accounted for 38% of Americans’ concerns, while 29% said gas and energy prices.

The President’s approval ratings were in the tank, standing at 38% with a 62% disapproval rating. However, his ratings with the economy are even worse. Biden’s overall economic approval stands at 30%, and his overall economic disapproval stands at 69%. The poll specified inflation and found more dismal numbers – 25% approve and 74% disapprove.

The survey also focused on if Biden had the right priorities or not. Only 31% of those surveyed thought Biden’s priorities were correct, while 68% said he “hasn’t paid enough attention to the country’s most important problems.”