President speaks live, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and more!

On 11/5/20, President Trump addressed the nation, regarding the state of the national General Election. Many of our viewers were concerned the President would concede. But, he did not. Trump is a fighter and vowed to ensure a fair and legal election.

Citing reports of election fraud and actions to suppress vote-counts, the President informed the nation that his teams are actively pursuing legal action to uncover potential-fraud and effective vote-count observers. Given the history of voter fraud, Philidelphia seems to be in the President’s crosshairs. With as slim as the margins are, the President’s focus and concern are legitimate and real.

How should we view this?

The Left, for years, has been framing stories and events with a very liberal-bent. This liberal bias started in the schools, bled into media, and is now taking over even the most traditionally-conservative news networks (looking at you FoxNews).

Moving forward, those of us with conservative perspectives must learn how to stand up for and communicate, conservative values, principles, and beliefs. We cannot depend on the left, and the media, to uphold and protect what we find most-dear. It is up to us to inform the public. It is up to us to challenge liberal ideas. It is up to us to ask the tough questions. It is up to us to defend our Nation.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting involved in politics or lending your voice to support a conservative belief, we urge you to begin being that light in your community. At Crawfordology, we’re dedicated to helping you understand liberal arguments, untangling their lies, and presenting the truth in a way that can be heard by those in your community.

What about the news?

After this election, it obvious that FoxNews (thought to be defenders of conservative beliefs) is becoming another bastion of liberal propaganda. As conservatives, we must take that as a warning sign and begin to look for alternate news sources to rely on.

At Crawfordology, we support The Epoch Times. And no, we don’t get a kick-back for saying that. We’ve found their reporting to be the most reliable and professional out there. They report the facts. You won’t see any fake news there.

What about social media?

If you are looking for a new social media outlet that won’t block you and your friends for being conservative, we recommend Parler. They are the “Free Speech Social Network”