President Threatens to Veto Defense Bill Over China

“The biggest winner of our new defense bill is China! I will veto!” President Trump tweeted on Sunday.

The President was referring to the annual defense policy bill that covers the military’s budget for equipment and pay raises for service members. Republican lawmakers have said the wide-ranging defense policy bill, which the Senate sent to the president on Friday, would deter Chinese aggression and must become law as soon as possible. Both the House and Senate passed the measure by margins large enough to override a potential veto from the president. If Trump goes through with a veto, a two-thirds vote would be required in each chamber for the bill to become law.

In the tweet, the president didn’t elaborate but has previously stated he will veto the bill unless it addresses Section 230, the law that shields large social media companies like Facebook and Twitter from lawsuits over content bias. A biased social media platform could benefit countries like China, which use social media propaganda against U.S. citizens.