President Trump Will Not Give up on the American People

During the White House Press Briefing held on December 15th, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that President Trump is “still involved in ongoing lawsuits.” She suggested that he will not concede until all ongoing litigation for this election is settled.

This comes after all 50 states cast their electoral votes giving former Vice President Biden the lead. However, electors in virtually all of the key swing states cast their votes for President Trump to keep his ongoing legal challenges open. Had they not done this, the ongoing legal battles for the election would have been irrelevant.

During the Press Conference, McEnany said “I think pursuing legitimate litigation through the judicial system is in no way assaulting democracy.” She is absolutely correct, as these institutions and legal means that President Trump and his legal teams are pursuing are being used in the exact manner they are supposed to be used.

The 2020 election is far from over and there are still many legal challenges that are yet to be decided upon. President Trump will continue to fight for the American people and will not give up any time soon.