“Record-Breaking Rally: Trump Claims Over 100,000 Attendees in Blue New Jersey

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A massive crowd estimated between 80,000 to 100,000 people gathered at the Jersey Shore for a rally hosted by former President Donald Trump, marking a significant political event in New Jersey, a state traditionally dominated by Democrats. This rally underscores Trump’s intent to broaden his electoral appeal into typically Democratic strongholds as he eyes the 2024 presidential race.

Why It Matters

The massive turnout at a traditionally Democratic stronghold highlights the persistent and passionate support for Trump, suggesting a potential shift in the political landscape and underscoring the deep political divides within the country.

Who It Impacts

This event impacts Republican strategists and voters, potentially reshaping campaign approaches in traditionally Democratic areas, as well as Democrats who may need to reassess their electoral strongholds.


Former President Donald Trump addressed an enormous crowd of supporters on Saturday at the Jersey Shore, with officials estimating attendance as high as 100,000. This event, held in Wildwood, New Jersey, stands out as potentially the largest political rally in the state’s history, signaling robust support for Trump in an area that has been a Democratic bastion in presidential elections.

According to a city spokeswoman, the crowd size was gauged based on comparisons with numerous past events held in the same venue. Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, a Republican, described the rally as unprecedented in scale for the state. Trump, energized by the turnout, expressed his astonishment and criticized the media’s coverage of the event. He suggested that the media failed to adequately portray the size of the crowd, a point he has frequently made at other rallies.

The rally took place in New Jersey’s 2nd District, an area Trump claimed in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, despite its history of voting for Barack Obama. Trump’s assertion that he could turn New Jersey red in the upcoming 2024 presidential election reflects his confidence boosted by the day’s large turnout.

During the event, Trump was joined by notable figures including former NFL players Lawrence Taylor and Ottis Anderson, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, whom Trump praised for his technological expertise and hinted at as a potential running mate. The former president used this platform not only to rally support but also to launch attacks on current President Joe Biden, signaling a more aggressive approach in his political comeback.

Trump’s rally in Wildwood represents not just a show of force in a blue state but also an attempt to redefine the electoral map. Despite New Jersey’s consistent Democratic lean in presidential elections, Trump’s claim that he will “win them all” in 2024 reflects his broader strategy to challenge the conventional political boundaries and mobilize his base across traditional party lines.