Renowned Data Scientist Presents Findings During Arizona Hearing

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is a renowned data scientist in the world. He holds four degrees from MIT and is a Fulbright Scholar. Ayyadurai presented his findings during yesterday’s hearing in Arizona. After compiling and analyzing the official Arizona election data, he found Trump received negative 30% of Democrat votes and Biden got a 130% vote from democrats.

“I find it highly implausible because this means that Mr. Biden got 130 percent of Democrat voters and President Trump got negative 30 percent,” – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Ayyadurai ran several data-simulations, trying to recreate this scenario. According to the systems scientist, inventor, and engineer, there are only two possibilities for this to happen:

  1. Independents voted for Biden. Thus, giving him this type of lead.
  2. Votes for Biden were weighted by 1.3 of a vote. And Trump’s votes from democrats were rated at negative 30%

Both are a possibility. However, any logical person could look at this information and see this as an indicator of something not being right.