Revealed: In Missouri, Dominion Illegally Operated In The State – Must Now Provide Source Code For Investigation

In the recent weeks following the, still ongoing, 2020 election, there have been many accusations brought up against the Dominion Voting Systems Company. Dominion’s vote tabulating machines were used in 28 states across the US, including many of the swing states that have the potential to sway the election. The plethora of accusations targeted at Dominion has been in relation to claims of voter fraud, foreign ties, and now, tax evasion.

According to State Representative Justin Hill, his investigations into Dominion’s practices within his state of Missouri shed light on a number of corrupt practices, including their failure to pay state taxes while being authorized by the state to operate voting systems.

In a letter to Missouri’s AG Eric Schmitt, Rep. Hill stated “Further inspection into Dominion revealed disturbing evidence that Dominion, while certified and authorized by the State to operate voting systems in Missouri, failed on two occasions to pay state income taxes to the State of Missouri.” Rep. Hill continued in the letter explaining that Dominion in fact, “had their authority to transact business revoked”

Then on Rep. Hill’s Twitter account, he shared an image showing an official document from the Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft, administratively dissolving or revoking the Dominion Voting Systems Corporation. This letter was dated October 28th, 2019.

This would mean that at the time of the 2020 election, Dominion was in fact not a legal company, and therefore was illegally conducting business with their machines. Rep. Hill’s letter went on to state that Dominion was in direct violation of state law Chapter 147 for this reason. Hill said that under state guidelines, Dominion must execute an escrow agreement for the source code used in each system that had been qualified by the Office of the Secretary of State.

The guideline stipulates that the state of Missouri can receive access to the vendor’s source code if there is potential that a vendor will fail to meet future obligations, and according to Rep. Hill, Dominion’s failure to pay taxes demonstrates that. If Missouri gets access to the company’s source code, who knows what they may find.

This all comes in the wake of accusations against Dominion’s corrupt voting practices and the mainstream media’s decision to either refuse to cover it or completely dismiss all accusations. It is interesting to see, as just last year Senators Warren and Klobuchar raised concerns about “vulnerabilities and a lack of transparency” in the current election technology industry. This can be found right on Elizabeth Warren’s website.

See the text here (link)

Yet just over one year later, she publicly criticizes Rudy Giuliani for daring to even investigate the immense amount of claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election. Is it really so ‘crazy’ to believe there could have been fraud in this election after years of Cyber Security Experts claiming that these machines are vulnerable. However, it no longer fits in the left’s narrative and therefore, it never happened according to them.

With that, I’ll leave you with one video to watch from 2018. It is of a professor from Michigan University showing how easy it is to hack an election. He asked his students to vote for which school is their favorite, the school they attend being Michigan University, or their rivals Ohio State. He had them vote both by machine and by paper. Their rivals Ohio State won by the machines’ counts while Michigan University won on paper, thanks to the professor’s hacking of the system through a computer virus. You can find that eye-opening video here: