Ruby Freeman From Infamous State Farm Arena Video Cancels TV Appearance “This Is Bigger Than Me” – May Get Legal Counsel

Ruby Freeman, one of the “workers” identified in the now-infamous State Farm Arena video backs out of a TV interview with Carolyn Ryan. Citing a barrage of messages and calls, Freeman first welcomed an interview saying, “I would love to be interviewed. Maybe this would stop,” in a presumed message conversation between Carolyn and Freeman. In the message exchange, which is featured in a tweet from Carolyn Ryan, there seem to be screenshots from the messages Freeman has received.

Later, Carolyn followed up her message with a simple message, “I won’t be able to be interviewed. This is bigger than me. I need an attorney. Thanks.” The message, which was tweeted out by Carolyn, did not provide an explanation or clarification as to exactly why there was a change in position. However, the two statements, “This is bigger than me,” and “I need an attorney,” stick out as possible reasons.

Ruby Freeman is presumed to be the woman seen in State Farm Arena surveillance video. It is alleged that she is the one pulling boxes from under tables. Also presumed to be identified in the same video are Freeman’s daughter and Freeman’s supervisor.