Sarah Palin Says She “Would Love To” Re-Enter Politics – Is She Eying Senator Murkowski’s Senate Seat?

Speaking to Newsmax on Wednesday night, Sarah Palin said “I would love to,” when answering a question about the possibility of returning to politics.

Eric Bolling, host of “The Balance” asked the former Alaskan Governor and one-time Vice Presidential candidate, “You’re a very popular personality. You’re a very popular politician. Do you have aspirations to get back into elected office, or anything more in politics? What’s next for Sarah Palin?”

Palin responded, “I would love to. I would never say never. I feel like there are still some offerings that I have in terms of a servant’s heart. I want to serve. I want to help the people. And I think I have a heck of a lot of common sense, and that’s what we need today.”

Palin went on to add, “I’m not so obsessively partisan that I’d let that get in the way of just doing what’s right for the people. So, I would love to.”

Political insiders have long thought Palin has her eyes set on Alaska’s US Senate seat, which is currently being held by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski first drew Palin’s sharp criticism during the Senate vote to decide upon advancing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Murkowski first voted against advancing Kavanaugh, only to later vote “present.”

Later in 2020, when Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was set to be appointed, Murkowski voted against her appointment, taking the position that the next President should be allowed to appoint the next Justice.

Currently, Murkowski’s challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, is backed by the Alaska State Republican Party, as well as President Trump