Sidney Powell Suggested Bringing Criminal Charges Against State Officials Who Allowed Dominion In Their State

Speaking to Newsmax on Saturday, Sidney Powell clarified what she sees as the core component of a 2020 General Election fraud, and what should be done about it. Powell said, “There should be an investigation, a thorough criminal investigation, frankly, of everyone involved in acquiring the Dominion System for the state of Georgia,” Powell went on to add, “And frankly for every other state, given how appalling the system is and the fact it was designed to manipulate the votes and destroy the real votes of American citizens who were casting legal votes.” 

Dominion voting systems has been seen by the pro-Trump camp as being the doorway through which foreign countries and corporate interests gained access to and manipulated votes during the election. Powell has submitted two large lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia this week, claiming sophisticated conspiracies to overthrow the will of the American people and have Joe Biden elected.

Powell suggests, by following the money, the American people will see how pay-offs and financial benefits were used to allow Dominion into the American election. Powell said, “I think there are multiple people in the Secretary of State’s office and others that should be investigated in Georgia for what benefits they might have received for giving Dominion the $100 million, no-bid contract.”

Powell went on to state that the voting systems used, according to headcounts and independent audits conducted in Georgia, “have all repeatedly affirmed that the machine counts were accurate.”