Sidney Powell Wants You To “Pay Attention” – Emergency Filings Ask Supreme Court To Intervene

After the Supreme Court knocked down Texas’ lawsuit challenging the legality of how the 2020 election was administered within MI, PA, WI and GA, Sidney Powell announced emergency filings, ask the Supreme Court to require state officials to decertify the 2020 election results in GA, MI and AZ. The goal of these filings are to prevent electors in these states from casting their vote while giving enough time for Supreme Court justices to consider allegations of voter irregularities and possible fraud.

Sidney Powell and her team have alleged “The 2020 General Election was tainted by unconstitutional election fraud on a scale that has never been seen before—at least not in America.” Their team’s filing when on to claim, “Hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal, fraudulent, ineligible, or purely fictitious ballots were cast for Biden (along with hundreds of thousands of Trump votes that were intentionally destroyed, lost or switched to Biden), changing the outcome from a Biden loss to a Biden ‘win,’”

The electors meet tomorrow, December 14th.