State Farm Launches Program That Gives LGBTQ Books To Kindergarteners

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In an email retained by Consumers’ Research, a whistleblower is exposing State Farm as actively targeting kindergartners, through a nonprofit called “The GenderCool Project” and exposing them to discussions related to transgender and other sexual ideologies.

While speaking with Fox News Digital, Executive Director of Cocnsumer’s Research, Will Hild said, “Consumers’ Research is launching a campaign against State Farm Insurance because, recently a whistleblower brought to our attention evidence – email chain traffic – showing that they have been intentionally trying to target kindergartners for discussions around transgender issues, sexual identity issues, without notifying their parents or without their consent, and specifically targeting them in the public schools.”

The email in question was written by State Farm Jose Soto. The email said, “State Farm is partnering with The Gender Cool Project to help diversify classroom, community center and library bookshelves with a collection of books to help bring clarity and understanding to the national conversation about Being Transgender, Inclusive and Non-Binary. The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children Age 5+. Agents are key to the success of this program. Nationwide, approximately 550 State Farm agents and employees will have the opportunity to donate this 3-book bundle to their local teacher, community center or library of their choice.”

After verifying the sources, Hild said, “State Farm looks to be targeting five-year-olds, kindergartners, in fact, in the public schools for inappropriate discussions around sexual identity. We want to call them out for that activity and to notify parents and customers of State Farm’s activity, so they can hopefully get them to cut it out. But at the very least, make sure that their kids were not approached by State Farm on these issues.”