There Is No #ParlerHacked – Parler CEO Clarifies And Makes A Case Against The Left’s Censorship

Nope, Parler was not hacked, but you wouldn’t believe it if you get your news from Twitter. Rumors began circulating this week claiming the free-speech social network had been hacked, exposing all of its users’ information.

The rumor was started when a screenshot of what was claimed to be part of Parler’s backend database was shared on social media. Very quickly #ParlerHacked began to trend. Parler CEO, John Matze made a statement yesterday, clarifying Parler had not been hacked. Matze went on to use the issue to point out the hypocrisy of left-leaning tech.

Matze’s statement calls for Twitter to apply it’s fact-checking to the Parler-rumor. The fact that Twitter has done no such thing points to the hypocrisy of the left. They are eager to censor conservative points of view but stop when they have to fact-check their own liberal audience. Tech censorship is one of the reasons why Parler was created and has gained traction in the social media world. Giants like Facebook and Twitter have been overtly silencing anyone that they feel isn’t left-of-center.

As of Wednesday morning, the CEO’s clarification has seemed to do little to quell the leftist rumor-mill. Twitter is still full of liberals spreading dubunked stories of a supposed #ParlerHack.