VIRAL VIDEO – Trinity College Tears Down Student’s Patriotic Flags


A video went viral on Tuesday, showing what appears to be Trinity College officials forcibly removing a student’s patriotic flags.

The issue highlights how freedom of speech is still held under a double-standard within American institutions. The two flags taken down were the Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread On Me) and a standard American Flag with blue, red and green lines.


In the video, an apparent student and owner of the flags is confronting what appears to be a college official. The official says the order to remove the flags come from the Dean’s office. It is not known as to why the flags were removed by college employees.

Towards the end of the video, the official can be seen trying to confiscate the flags. The student was able to take the flags into his possession.

In response to the viral video, the college sent an email to students of a “Window and Screen Policy” that prohibits the flying of flags outside of residential buildings.

Following this email, the famous Twitter account @libsoftiktok posted photos showing various pride flags around campus.

The university has not commented as to why the patriotic flags were targeted for removal.

Writing for the National Review, Bobby Miller wrote “There is nothing offensive or obscene about loving one’s country unless you’re a left-winger who has lost touch with reality. If students can’t make their patriotism known, on what can they opine? How can a school serve as an incubator of the free exchange of ideas if one can’t even voice support for the country and its civil servants?”