Trump Challenges Biden to “All On” Unmoderated Debate on National Issues


Former President Donald Trump has challenged President Joe Biden to a debate without moderators, aiming for a no-holds-barred discussion on key national issues. This follows widespread criticism of Biden’s debate performance and his refusal to step aside.

Why It Matters

This challenge emphasizes the need for transparency and direct accountability from the President on critical national issues.

Who It Impacts

American voters seeking clear, direct answers on policy issues and presidential competence.

Former President Donald Trump has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging President Joe Biden to a no-moderator debate. In a Truth Social post, Trump proposed an “all on” discussion covering topics like immigration, inflation, electric vehicles, and gender in sports, arguing it would test Biden’s competence. Trump’s eagerness to debate again stems from widespread criticism of Biden’s previous debate performance, where the President’s halting responses fueled calls for him to step aside.

Despite these calls, Biden remains firm in his candidacy. During a Fourth of July celebration, he declared, “I’m not going anywhere.” White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients urged staff to focus on governance amid the criticism. Acknowledging the tough days since the Atlanta debate, Zients highlighted the administration’s accomplishments and the importance of staying focused, especially as campaign season heats up.

ABC News is set to host the second debate between Biden and Trump on September 10, although the moderators have yet to be announced. This upcoming debate will be crucial in shaping voter perceptions as both candidates gear up for the 2024 election.

The debate challenge underscores the critical need for direct accountability and transparent discussion of national issues. Voters are keenly watching how both leaders address the pressing concerns facing the country.