Trump Is Still Fighting For Americans – New Rules To Fight Rising Drug Costs

Trump isn’t distracted from one of his most important duties – serving the American people. Today, Trump is expected to release two rules aimed at lowering drug prices. The first of the rules lower rebates paid to Medicare “middlemen.” The second rule ties the prices of specific prescription drugs to prices in other countries.

The “middlemen” work as pharmacy-benefit managers who serve as a go-between for Medicare and drugmakers. The rebates are often negotiated between the two entities. These negotiations often are attributed to playing a role in increasing the costs of drugs overall.

Controling pharmesutical prices by linking them to prices in other developed countries is the first of its kind. It is expected to disrupt what many have seen as a type of price-gouging of the American people, which inevitably puts much-needed drugs out of reach of many Americans.

Lowering the cost of prescription drugs has been a focal point in the President’s administration since 2016. These rules may take effect immediately, having already gone through a public comment period.